The Mobile Platform

So here’s where I think the current state of mobile technology is. The mass market has finally realized that the computer can be small enough to be a phone, and more importantly the phone can do things that a computer can do – and beyond!

I think that the mainstream thought is that a computer is a large thing. This large thing has evolved from being a few rooms of blips and lights, to a 2 foot box (of blips and lights), to an airplane carry-on, and now to the “fits in your pocket”. Sure, BlackBerry gave business users the idea that they could leave the office whenever they wanted, but never actualy leave work, and yea- Windows Mobile actually gave the Windows PDA user the ability to send/receive a call – but the IPhone has finally given the consumer market,- well, an actual market.

You have to admire the Apple brand. No really, you have to – TV  tells me so (TV now refers to a brand’s identity that is built by the user base of loyalty to the product). Not only have they redfined how you should be interacting(“touch”ng) your periphereals, but how your periphereals should be touching you. This will lead to the “next big thing”. Microsoft is saying cloud computing is where it’s at, and its true, but where is their support for it. Sure the enterprise has the toolset at their finger tips, but what about the consumer. Apple is giving the consumer the baby steps needed by giving them location aware call-home services, and I would guess cloud computing is what is going to fit right in.

The moral of this disconnected post, is that although inovation can come from anyone, not anyone can be innvotive (yes, this a  Ratatouille refernce). However, the best thing that could happen to the mobile platform is that we see more IPhone clones that allow for a little more user meddling than before. Here’s hoping that the cell providers become nothing more than data pipes, and mobile applications/services from third parties become the standard.


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