Vista Media Center – QAM

In my last post, I was unable to get QAM working with Vista Media Center. The reason seemed to be due to the fact that Vista Media Center did not support QAM out of the box. Although Hauppauge does have a plug in for media center that has been able to provide QAM support to some people – this was not working for me. So instead of trying to figure out what the problem was, I went for the Vista Media Center TV Pack update.

Once the update was installed and I rebooted, I ran through the TV Signal setup. Everything seemed to be going good – as in my system was corrupted – but Media Center had detected my tuner as analog. This would just not do.

I have a Hauppauge HVR-1250 hybrid analog/digital tuner, and noticed on forums that the updated Media Center will only detect it as analog. I really hoped that this wasn’t still true, so I decided to keep digging around and was rewarded. Apparently there are some registry keys that can be set to custom tune the TV Pack. I added the registry key for AllowQAM_PowerToy as mentioned in this post, and after a reboot was able to manually configure a digital tuner for Cablevision. Note: The forum post contains registry keys for Huappauge tuners that may cause different results depending on your configuration, so make sure you have backed up your system before changing your registry.

One my tuner was configured, Media Center ran through a channel scan, which seemed to go on forever, and I was finally able to pull the digital channels for the basic networks. Hooray. So my now my Media Center PVR is temporarily complete, until I can think of something more to add.


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