SSL VPN: Windows7 + XP Virtual Mode + TFS

My company uses a version of the CheckPoint SSL VPN for all its remoting needs. Basically, you open Internet Explorer and browse to the VPN address. The first time this loads up, an ActiveX is installed that checks for virus scanning software, and then you log in. Once logged in, it installs a Service which does some virtual networking through SSL.

Unfortunately, this seems to barely work with Vista and I haven’t gotten it to work with Windows 7. Instead of the hours it most likely would have taken to try to get it working on Win7, I decided to take an alternate approach, and use the XP mode to connect. After enabling virtualization under the OS Security in my BIOS, XP mode was installed and ready to go. I browsed to the SSL VPN address, installed it, and was able to remote into my work desktop. Hooray.

Next, I wanted to use the more seamless integration of XP mode, so I created a folder in the Start Menu for my virtual user, and created a IE Shortcut. Once XP hibernated, I was able to launch the XP IE directly from Win7 and VPN in.

The current bug-a-boo is that the VPN connectivity is local from my virtual XP machine, and I want to develop on my Win7 desktop while connecting to TFS at work. I’m thinking I’m going to install a TFS proxy on the XP virtual machine, and connect to that from my home machines. That way I can kick up the SSL VPN seamlessly from Win7, and then route my development activity through the XP Machine using the TFS Proxy. Fun, fun.


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